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Boulder Opals

Boulder Opals

Forming naturally within the rock crevice of ironstone, Boulder Opal has a natural and vibrant hued earthy aesthetic. You can identify a Boulder Opal by the bright and varied colors and pattern and the distinctive layer of solid brown ironstone on the underside. This dark ironstone backing is key to the Boulder Opal’s unique deep and vibrant colors. 

Signature Gold Cuff
Signature Gold Cuff featuring a brilliant Boulder Opal


A Boulder Opal is a true statement piece, forming in the inner part of a boulder and is found within in Queensland, Western Australia. Due to the dryness of the region these stones seldom crack or erode and the stone polishes effortlessly.  

Beautiful and durable, Boulder Opal falls slightly higher than average on the Mohs Scale, just below quartz, meaning it is also  highly durable. It can be scratched by metal, but is resistant to damage from anything softer, so you can feel comfortable wearing it every day.

Pinnacle gold Necklace with a Boulder Opal Pendant.

Nature provides the medium that is used in this feature stone of Nina Nguyen’s new Ha Long Bay Collection, but with the beautiful inspiration, and artisanship of Nina. Not only will you own a timeless handcrafted piece cultivated by Nina, honoring her philosophy of using organic materials with integrity, awareness, beauty and love, but will truly be taking part in something special while adding to your wardrobe and jewelry collection.


Photo by Fawntail Photography

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Its Geometric Shapes and a Mixed and Match Feel for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

What do you get when love evolves into art? Nina Nguyen's new Ha Long Bay Collection! Showcasing some of her best designs to date, Nguyen uses her latest collection to reflect increased consumer interest in warmer metal colors, including rose tones and yellow gold, and introduces new gemstones into a line that jewelry lovers are sure to fancy.

Photo by Fawntail Photography

Aside from incorporating the warmer metals, Nguyen's collection also plays up geometric shapes, which are predicted to be hot throughout the rest of 2015 and into 2016.   The Ha Long Bay collection is on the forefront of this trend, with a captivating twist on basic metal chains and earrings.  Available in gold as well as additional metal colors and an assortment of lengths, these pieces have been cleverly designed to be worn alone, or used as a backdrop for any of the pendants from the Ha Long Bay Collection.

The stones used for this collection mix geometric patterns with unexpected gemstones such as vibrant opal and carved turquoise to create a picturesque selection of jeweled designs that speak to the soul.  Opal is new for Nina and is a natural addition to the line, as it fits nicely with the raw and unique nature of her statement druzy.

 The use of carved turquoise is also new to Nguyen, and was inspired by an old, traditional carved button from one of her grandmother's dresses.   A closer examination of the button revealed a dogwood flower design, which was recreated by a carver and incorporated into the Ha Long Bay Collection.

 While her newest collection is filled with poetic styles sure to appeal to fans of her past designs, consumers looking for something a little more geometrically  “Geeky-Chic” will appreciate the strong, polished curves of the Crescent Moon earrings, and romantics at heart will light up at the selection of earrings from the Starlight Collection.

Want to add the majestic beauty of the Ha Long Bay Collection into your jewelry collection today? Visit or call 720-459-7664

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Romance & Nature Live Happily Ever After with Ha Long Bay

Gorgeous gemstones and sexy curves offset with shape-hugging golden bezels create a siren’s song of desire for Nina Nguyen’s new Ha Long Bay Collection.

The collection, featuring a magnificent mix of stones, styles and shapes, blends together seamlessly and proves that layering, especially with these gorgeous pieces, is a look consumers will continue to embrace well into 2016.

Approaching the 5 year anniversary of her wedding, Nina’s newest collection commemorates that important event and the location it took place. Ha Long Bay marries the best of romance and nature with an exciting selection of gemstones that honor the natural beauty of Vietnam’s mystical landscape. 

Designed to mimic the vibrant, natural colors of the Bay, Opals, Moonstone, Geodes, and of course her signature Druzy anchor the collection.  Turquoise, Aquamarine, Green Kyanite and Tourmaline pieces round out a rainbow of colors and bring a splash of the unexpected.


Fashionista’s planning additions to their Fall, 2015 jewelry wardrobes will love the depth of color provided by the Ha Long Bay gemstone pallet, and die hard 

Nina's Ha Long Bay Wedding: 

Start your own romance with the Ha Long Bay Collection, today!  Visit or call 720-459-7664

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