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The May Druzylicious Gazette

 Where has the year gone and how is it May already? Certainly it did not help that I spent the last two months in Vietnam.

My visit to Saigon this year allowed me to spend a lot more time with my staff. I hired and trained four more women for our co-op and hired a chef to cook everyone a nutritious and tasty lunch every day. By the end of the trip, I felt so good that I was able to give five more women an opportunity to make a living and keep their kids in school. 
Being American, the thought of not having the opportunity to have a job or a paycheck never crosses my mind. Working with Vietnam, I realized how good we have it in this wonderful country. In Vietnam job opportunities are very rare; well-paying jobs are sparse and almost everyone who has a job is expected to work seven days a week.
Education is definitely not free, and the opportunity for a public school education is virtually non-existent. As a result the majority of the population cannot afford to give their kids an education. 
While I do not consider myself a charity nor do I wish to be one, I do believe in giving people an opportunity, or a way for them to make a living and steer themselves toward a fulfilling career. As my company grows, I am able to positively impact people's lives for a better future. 

While in Vietnam working on the women’s co-op, I managed to finish up a collection I've been working on for the past year. This collection is an inspiration of Ha Long Bay, which is where I got married five years ago. This collection features some of the top trending stones like Boulder Opal, Carved Turquoise, Moonstone, etc... mixed with the traditional metalsmithing of hammering and forging. 
I will be showing my new collection in Vegas at the JCK Design Center. I can’t wait to see you all there. 
All the best, 
Nina Nguyen

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Spring Dinner

With spring in the air, Colorado is warming up! What better way to enjoy the summer like weekends (until Colorado decides to surprise us with another snow storm) than to have a lovely dinner with friends on the patio?  
All you need is a few decorations (a perfect opportunity to craft!) some fun seating, appetizers, and a light wine spritzer!  Check out a similar menu below:

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Celebrity Remix: MTV Movie Awards 2015


With the Golden Popcorn in sight, Hollywood's hottest celebrities rocked some cute outfits for this year's 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Check out our Celebrity Remix, MTV edition.

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