Pyrite Silver Necklace

Size Guide

Featuring textured gold marquise shapes at stations along a strand of pyrite beads, the Spectrum Gold & Oxidized Necklace is the perfect length for wearing long and swingy, or doubled up for a gorgeously sun-kissed layered look.

Name: Spectrum
Metal: Sterling Silver Oxidized & 18k Gold Accented
Stone carat: N/A
Diamond carat: N/A
Length: 36-38''
Stone size: Various

Pyrite: This sulfide mineral is commonly known as "fool’s gold" because of its metallic luster, cubic crystal structure, and pale brass-yellow hue. In jewelry, it often appears as cabochons, beads and faceted shapes (it’s not used as a metal like actual gold)

Metaphysical Properties: A protective lucky charm that can ward off negativity and promote feelings of contentment, while boosting your energy levels and increasing your productivity at work if you’re in a slump

Origin: Peru, Spain, the U.K., U.S.

Our jewelry is designed in Denver, CO and ethically made by our skilled jewelers in our studio in Vietnam.