Pebble Aquamarine 18K Necklace

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The centerpiece of the Pebble Gold Necklace is a faceted aquamarine doublet, rimmed in satiny gold, and set east/west on a strand of moss aquamarine beads. The clasp is adjustable, so layer away.

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Stone carat: 12
Diamond carat: N/A
Length: 16-17''
Stone size: 30-35mm

Genuine Aquamarine

As the blue-green, highly prized variety of the mineral beryl, aquamarine takes its name from the Latin for "waters of the sea.” The stone evokes the clear, crystalline quality of water, and the varied light-to-dark shades of the ocean. It’s also the birthstone for March


The most abundant and precious specimens are sourced from Brazil. Other deposits have been found in Angola, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Mozambique, Pakistan, Russia, Tanzania, Zambia and the United States (Colorado)

Metaphysical Properties

A stone of courage and protection, it’s said to calm fears and phobias, while acting as a conduit for self-expression

Our jewelry is designed in Denver, CO and ethically made by our skilled jewelers in our studio in Vietnam.