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Over The Moon Moonstone Silver Necklace

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Mismatched moonstones glow luminous in recycled 18k gold and oxidized silver. Wearing this uniquely beautiful necklace will send you over the moon!

Metal: Black Oxidized Silver & 18K Yellow Gold

Stone carat: 141.5

Diamond carat: N/A

Length: 17-18''

Stone size: 12-14mm

Genuine Moonstone: Formed by alternating layers of the feldspar minerals orthoclase and albite, moonstone produces a phenomenon called adularescence—the soft light that glows from within, and shimmers across the gemstone’s surface.

Metaphysical Properties: Alleviates stress, quiets emotions, and promotes a sense of peace and tranquility. It’s a soother and a stabilizer, deeply connected to lunar energy, and a stone to take on journeys, whether you’re finding your way in a spiritual sense or boarding a plane.

Origin: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, India

Our jewelry is designed in Denver, CO and ethically made by our skilled jewelers in our studio in Vietnam.