Chloe Kyanite Silver Necklace

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The Chloe Kyanite necklace is what we like to call a perfect staple piece. With it's simple, delicate design, this piece can be worn on the daily. Spice it up by adding a pendant, or layer it with a few more necklaces! The opportunities are endless with a piece like the Chloe Kyanite necklace.

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stone carat: N/A

Diamond carat: N/A

Length: 15-17''

Stone size: Various

Genuine Kyanite: A form of aluminum silicate with a brittle and fibrous quality that makes it difficult to use in jewelry. But few designers can resist its deep, shimmering colors, which range from a brilliant cornflower blue, to a streaked pale blue, or bluish-green.

Metaphysical Properties: A stone with tranquil, calming energies, it facilitates communication and self-expression, especially with spoken words, making it a unique option for public speakers and performers.

Origin: Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Kenya, India, Myanmar, Australia

Our jewelry is designed in Denver, CO and ethically made by our skilled jewelers in our studio in Vietnam.