Geode, Brilliant Diamond 18K Necklace

Size Guide

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Stone carat: 2.5
Diamond carat: 0.3
Length: 16-17''
Stone size: 12-14mm

Genuine Geode

A unique stone found at least 100 feet below the earth's surface, this type of geode can be hollow, semi-hollow, or filled with quartz and agate. It can contain a variety of quartz crystals (e.g., clear quartz, smoky quartz and amethyst) and may also have a variety of secondary minerals or formations including goethite, hematite, mordenite, calcite, apatite, stalactites and galena crystals, just to name a few


Chihuahua Mexico

Metaphysical Properties

Our jewelry is designed in Denver, CO and ethically made by our skilled jewelers in our studio in Vietnam.