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Forged Black Spinel Silver Necklace

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Made with black spinel gemstone rimmed in sterling silver, our Forged Silver Necklace provides an effortless, yet fashionable style.

Metal: Sterling Silver
Stone carat: 0.75
Diamond carat: N/A
Length: 15-17''
Stone size: 2.5mm
Release Date: Dec, 2020

Genuine Black Spinel: The black variety of this durable, sought-after gemstone, which comes in a range of desirable colors, is comprised of vitreous magnesium aluminum oxide or magnesium aluminate.

Metaphysical Properties: Black Spinel is said to solve the root causes of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. It’s a protective, grounding, and empowering stone that wards off negative energy, including any deep-seated resentments you might be harboring.

Origin: Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Nepal and Nigeria

Our jewelry is designed in Denver, CO and ethically made by our skilled jewelers in our studio in Vietnam.