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Druzy Aquamarine
Druzy Black
Tourmaline Green
Tourmaline Pink
Opal White
Sleeping Beauty

The single gemstone echoes the power and beauty of a drop of water, an essential element for life.

Opal Dublet, Opal White, Tourmaline Green, Tourmaline Pink, Druzy Aqua, Druzy Black, Geode, Emerald or Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Stone Size:
18k Gold

Due to the natural state of stones used by Nina Nguyen Designs, each piece will vary. Naturally occurring variations such as shape, color, shading, color concentration, thickness, texture, etc, are to be expected, are not flaws and not considered a manufacturer defect.

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Sizing Guide


Nina Nguyen Designs' rings are a size 7 unless otherwise noted.

Our rings are specially designed with an easy-to-size band.  We suggest going to a trusted local jeweler who can then size your ring to your personal needs.


We currently carry four sizes of bangles. 

Size 1: 2 3/8" diameter -- Very Small Wrist
Size 2: 2 1/2" diameter -- Petite Wrist
Size 3: 2 5/8" diameter -- Average Wrist
Size 4: 2 6/8" diameter -- Wide Wrist

Necklace Length Guide:

At Nina Nguyen Designs, we produce a variety of necklace lengths.  The image below is an example of what various necklace lengths look like when worn.

The image provided is for example use only and does not show exact length and appearance of Nina Nguyen Designs jewelry.