Drop Earrings or Earring Charms
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Drop Earrings and Earring Charms 

Move beyond the expected when you choose gold or silver drop earrings with a wide variety of hoop and drop designs to suit your personal sense of taste. You can find the perfect pair that goes with rings, a favorite necklace, bracelets, and more that you purchase here at Nina Nguyen. When it comes to dangle earrings, our selection offers something special to the discerning woman who cares about style and personality.

Explore the Variety in Drop Earrings You Will Love 

Our wide selection covers so many different stones and styles that you may have difficulty choosing your favorite. Start with plain 18 karat gold drop earrings that come in a variety of shapes from triangle to cat's eye, to elegant ovals. Similar options are available in sterling silver and black oxidized silver for a more dramatic look.

 Stone options also explore a wide range of colors and shapes that will at the perfect accessory to both daytime and evening outfits. Some of the options include fun multi-colored tourmaline chips arranged in a rainbow of color across the large dangle shapes. We also offer pink and green tourmaline, white and blue opal, ruby, turquoise, rainbow moonstone, deep blue lapis, labradorite in various shades and patterns, green onyx, black or white druzy quartz, chrysoprase, carnelian, sapphire, amethyst, and variegated moss agate.

The drop earring designs consist of intricately designed earring charms that can slide easily over a variety of hoop earrings also offered at the Nina Nguyen shop. This gives you the opportunity to create a truly unique design that is yours alone. Combine a pair of aquamarine and sterling silver teardrops with turquoise hoops for a cool blue feel. Go more dramatic with black spinel hooked over a pair of diamond and gold hoops. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Style Options in Gemstone, Gold, Silver Jewelry

Do you want to add a touch of sparkle to your jewelry wardrobe? Choose your favorite metal like gold or sterling silver, add a diamond or two, and then opt for your favorite colorful gemstone to round out the look. The selection is vast for both hoop earrings and chandelier earrings that dangle and swing in at attractive way.

Whether you choose sterling silver, 14 karat gold, black anodized silver, or go straight for the brightest gemstone item, you can shop the perfect earrings for yourself or a gift.

If you need help making a decision about your next purchase, contact our experienced store jewelry consultant team by phone or online to help you shop for the perfect look and place your order easily. When it comes time to make the final sale on the Nina Nguyen e-commerce website, we want our customers to purchase with confidence. Every customer care agent has full capabilities to help with coupon codes, special offers, phone assistance, or shipping information during business hours. We are confident you will find the most beautiful drop earrings or other jewelry styles that we guarantee every product.