December 14, 2012


At Nina Nguyen Designs we love to change direction from our daily work and try something different.  We are staring a new Do It Yourself (DIY) series to add to our blog.  Our newest project is merchandising our jewelry in a way that it will stand out.  We took a step back from the beautiful gems dipped in gold and gave our pieces a more exquisite natural look.  After all, our jewelry is all natural!

We made a DIY display for our favorite Nina Nguyen Design pieces from some vintage frames. This project is so simple and quick and gives a lot of room for creativity. We did two variation of this quick project and both are very simple to do.


¼ inch square Wire Mesh Screen
Staple Gun
Wire Cutter
Small picture hooks
Saw Tooth Hangers
Vintage Frames


For the first style we used the wire mesh as the back drop. This is done on our large teal necklace frame and our 7 x 7 dark wood frame.

  1. Gather all of your materials. For this style you need the mesh wire.
  2. Roll mesh onto frame and staple onto the back. Staple each corner and the middle to make sure that the wire on the frame is nice and tight.
  3. Trim off access wire with wire cutter.

For the smaller frames you don’t need to do anything extra because earrings will hang perfectly onto the wire mesh however to hang necklaces you need the picture hooks. These just need to be manipulated with your pliers a bit to open up the ends to hook onto the mesh. Place wherever you would like your necklaces to hang and that is it!

Simple right?

For the second frame style we used twine instead of the mesh for the earrings to hang off of our reclaimed barn wood frame.

  1. Gather all of your materials. For this style you need the twine
  2. Cut two strips of twine and staple onto the back of the frame. Staple each end to make sure that the wire on the frame is nice and tight.
  3. Trim off access twine with scissors.


Photography by: Amy Nguyen
Design inspired by Pinterest

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