DIY Jewelry Tray

July 26, 2013


We at Nina Nguyen Designs have been in the crafting spirit! We are working on some fun and unique ways to display our one of a kind beautiful and organic designs. All stones used in our designs are natural and untreated- no two pieces hand crafted at our Women’s Cooperative in Vietnam are the same.  We love living up to the challenge to create displays that reflect those important characteristics.

In our last DIY, we created a picture frame to hang jewelry. For this DIY, we created a Jewelry Display Tray! It is amazing what you can do with the things around you. We had on hand a beautiful picture frame made of reclaimed barn wood (you might recall this same frame from our DIY Jewelry Frame Display) and a shallow wooden box, so we made one of each.

This project took all of 10 minutes! So simple it seemed as if we were doing it wrong. But it turned out great and we absolutely love it!


Picture Frame or Shallow Wooden Box (purchased at Frame USA)
Fake Grass (we got ours from Save On Crafts)
Styrofoam (we used 1/4″ thick from one of our delivered packages!)


  1. Measure the inside of your box/frame and cut our your styrofoam to the size.
  2. Using the same measurments cut out your grass to the size.
  3. Fit foam into frame/box (if using a frame you can lay it on top of the glass or remove the glass altogether – your choice) and then lay grass on top.
  4. No step 4! You are done! Ridiculously easy and quick wouldn’t you agree?

We love the look of reclaimed wood that has distress mark and a nice gray tint. Our wooden box looks really fresh and new, but is not really our style. We have another project in the works for that…


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