Why Our 2019 Holiday Party is Very, Very Special This Year


We’re excited to be hosting an invite-only holiday party in our brand new showroom later this month! We’re going all out—but not in a Champagne-and-caviar kind of way (although there will be lots of delicious things to eat and drink).

This year, there will be a charitable element to the festivities. We feel so blessed, and want to do our part to offer help to others in a meaningful way.

While there are so many causes worthy of our support, we wanted to give back to the local Denver community, specifically the city’s homeless population.

“Homelessness is such a major problem in Denver,” says Nina. “I walk to work every day and usually pass a few tents along the way. It’s such a sad sight to see especially knowing that we live in the wealthiest country in the world. Why can’t we take care of our own citizens? I’ve personally helped a few homeless people to get back on their feet, and wish I could do more.”


We really like and respect the work that many of our local non-profits and food pantries are doing, so here’s what we have planned for our party guests:

  • The option to purchase raffle tickets to win a gift card from a local salon or restaurant, with all proceeds to be donated to the local charity partner or partners
  • A chance to bid via silent auction on six Nina Nguyen jewelry items – 100 percent of proceeds to be donated
  • Wine, beer, and charcuterie

We’re also asking guests to donate a food item upon arrival—this part is really important because you can have a roof over your head but still be “food insecure” (that literally means constantly worrying about having enough food to feed your family).

And “elves” will be circulating to collect monetary donations throughout the night.

If there’s a local Denver organization you can vouch for and think we should know about, let us know in the comments.

Meanwhile, happy holidays to all our fans, followers, and customers! We urge you to consider those less fortunate in your own communities this holiday season— and to seek out ways to help wherever you can.

Here are a few national organizations to get you started:

Feeding America’s Hungry Children 

Feeding America

The World’s Big Sleepout

National Coalition for the Homeless

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