Treasure Hunt

For Indianapolis jeweler Lynn Andalman of Windsor Jewelry, finding a new line was hit or miss—until she started to sell jewelry from designer Nina Nguyen.

Amidst all the beautifully wrought pendants, necklaces and rings spread out over miles of show space, Lynn Andalman, owner of Windsor Jewelry, goes show shopping and plays a little game with her buyers called “Find a Designer.” It’s similar to hide and seek—without the hiding part. And most times, the buyers discover a true treasure. At the Smart Show in Chicago five years ago, that treasure was the colorful, oh-so-easy to wear collections from Colorado-based designer Nina Nguyen.


“We found Nina and we’ve been carrying her line ever since,” says Andalman, who along with her husband, Greg Bires, has owned the 100-year old business located in downtown Indianapolis since 1998. “Her collection is fun to wear. Fun to put together. It’s just plain fun.”

With vibrant gemstones, freshwater pearls and brilliant diamonds all set in warm metals ranging from 18K recycled gold to vermeil and oxidized sterling silver, Nina Nguyen’s jewelry is fun indeed. Designed to be mixed, matched and collected, Andalman says her customers have fallen in love with the line, so much so that she’s considerably upped her orders each year. She also organizes one to two annual trunk show for the brand—with Nina in attendance.

gemstone necklae

Andalman says her top sellers are part of Nguyen’s patent-pending Interchangeable Earring Collection, featuring hoops, studs and jackets that can be mixed and matched with ease to create multiple styles. One look Andalman just loves comes from attaching the jackets to a long, shimmering strand, such as one made of small, shimmering pyrite beads. “Because Nina’s jewelry is so stunning and collectible, women can just keep adding over the years. They keep coming back for more—and so do their husbands.”

Nguyen’s eye for design is keen yet her jewelry is relaxed and natural—a reasonable progression for Nguyen, whose family comes from a jewelry making background in Vietnam. Born in the highlands region of Vietnam, she came to the United States at the age of 12, worked in finance and decided to focus on jewelry design after a meditative 10-week trip to India. Today, she observes fair trade principles when buying gems and diamonds. Her jewelry is also priced for inclusion—prices are accessible, ranging from $75 to $5,000.

For more information about the Nina Nguyen collections, visit the website

Article published by Instore Magazine

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