June birthstone

June Birthstone: Moonstone, Pearl & Alexandrite

If you or a loved one were born in the month of June, you actually have three birthstones to choose from: moonstone, pearl, and alexandrite. Each June birthstone has its own unique beauty, meaning, and come in a variety of colors. If you are buying jewelry, more options can make it more difficult to make a decision. But, hopefully, this article will help you narrow down to which June birthstone is the perfect gift for you or your loved one.

People born in June are known for being strong, clever, and level-headed, but forget their birthday, and they'll bear a grudge forever. It can be tricky to think up the perfect gift, but you can never go wrong with June birthstone jewelry. But what is the June birthstone color and what will be the best gifts to shock and impress your June-born loved ones?

Types of June Birthstone

Since June is a tricky birth month when it comes to selecting jewelry, we are going to tell you all about the three types of June birthstone Moonstone, Pearl & Alexandrite and their:

  • history
  • meaning
  • metaphysical properties
  • Moonstone desirability
  • and more!

By the end, you should be able to confidently choose between Moonstone, Pearl, and Alexandrite.

Over the Moon about Moonstone

With its iridescent properties, moonstone has been a favorite among jewelers as far back as ancient times. The translucency of the stone draws the eye in as light rolls across and bounces off unexpectedly. Believed to have magical properties, moonstone is not only known for its beauty but also its healing powers.

Shop Moonstone Jewelry

Like eons of jewelers before her, Nina Nguyen has incorporated moonstone into her jewelry designs. She primarily uses rainbow moonstone and favors the unique deep blue rainbow moonstone. Nina works with cabochon moonstone and faceted but favors the rose cut in her Moonstone collection. Esspecially the rainbow moonstone earrings and charms.

Why Moonstones Are Highly Coveted

Pearls are the traditional June's birthstone, with purple alexandrite the essential birthstone for royalty. But moonstone is a modern version of the June birthstone that can be carved and polished into all types of beautiful moonstone jewelry, including earrings, bangles, necklaces, and rings.

Moonstones may also vary in color, from blue to pink, peach, green, and even colorless, but creamy white is the most popular and matches with June's white birthstone color. But moonstones are anything but plain, as they emit a special opalescent glow that matches with most wardrobe options.

Each polished moonstone cabochon glows with pastel colors of the rainbow. In fact, two cut gemstones of the same size will never match the other. Moonstone jewelry is also the more modern choice over opal which is prohibitively expensive and overrated.

Moonstone is classified as a gem rather than a rock, because it possesses the hardness of 6.0 on the MOHS scale, meaning that it can be cut and polished for jewelry, and is durable enough to be worn all day, every day.

Moonstones can be more precious than diamonds, and the proof can be seen with celebrities that wear moonstone jewelry. We all remember Michelle Obama and her moonstone brooch and moonstone diamond earrings, or more recently, Hannah Brownstone's elegant moonstone ring worn on the Bachelorette.

The History of Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry has been popular throughout history. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that the moonstones derived their opalescence from the moon, hence the name. In our more recent history, moonstone jewelry was popularized during the Art Nouveau period with Rene Lalique embedding moonstones within his own artistic creations.

Moonstones are mined from around the world, including Switzerland, Australia, India, and even the USA. It's not surprising that moonstone was the chosen gem for the Moon landings back in the 60s, or that it's also Florida's state gemstone. But curiously, there are no moonstone mines in Florida.

For those who practice mysticism and the occult, you'll be curious to learn that moonstones were used as protection by sailors on the sea due to its water element. Still, moonstones are used for good fortune and to provide clairvoyance in India. They are also used for love rituals and to gain wisdom.

Caring for Your Moonstone Jewelry

Even though moonstones are durable, a bit of care can keep them looking their best for a lifetime. Please remove your jewelry before bathing or doing household repairs or chores, and if it must be cleaned, use a gentle bar soap and a bit of water for cleaning. If there is dirt stuck within the cracks, use a gentle toothbrush. If you're uncertain, your local jeweler would be happy to provide this service for you.

Moonstone Meaning

Since the beginning, ancient Greeks and Romans have associated the moonstone with heavenly bodies that watch over us. Also known as the visionary's stone, the moonstone meaning revolves around inner peace, growth, and strength. As such, it has long been treasured by monks, shamans, and other spiritualists from many religions.

Moonstone Healing Properties

The moonstone seemingly glows from within, which has been interpreted to represent the healing of one's body and soul, as well as inner peace. The natural energy emanating from the stone inspires the same energy in the body of the person who touches the moonstone. Jewelry has been seen as the perfect medium to utilize the moonstone and its healing properties throughout centuries.

Moonstone vs. Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone and rainbow moonstones are very similar, but with one main difference to the naked eye: color. Both types of stones produce a phenomenon called adularescence. Adularescence occurs when light reflects between layers of minerals. This effect gives the illusion of a light source from within.

A moonstone generally has a creamy appearance and is found in an array of colors, including peach, orange, yellow, green, grey, black, and blue. What sets the rainbow moonstone apart is its multicolored adularescence. While moonstones come in many colors, each moonstone is generally only one color. Whereas, a rainbow moonstone can contain a kaleidoscope of colors.

Differentiating the two can be tricky, however. Some rainbow moonstones can have a singular deep blue adularescence that looks very similar to a blue moonstone. The gems then have to be tested to determine which Feldspar minerals are contained within. Rainbow moonstone is actually a variety of labradorite as opposed to moonstone, which contains orthoclase.

Impress with the Best Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone gemstones are a favorite of Nina Nguyen and her customers. She captures their beauty within different types of precious metals, such as 18K gold, fine silver, and black-silver. Her moonstone jewelry designs also include gems in a rainbow of colors.

It's hard to go wrong with moonstone because of its other-worldly luminescence. There is something mesmerizing about the way it captures the light. If giving moonstone jewelry as a gift, it's easy to relate its qualities to your appreciation of the beauty and the attraction you feel for your loved one.

A Pearl of a Jewel

Pearls have been treasured by many people for thousands of years. They are often referred to as the "Queen of Jewels" because they have captivated people since they were first discovered. While other gemstones are naturally found in the Earth's crust, pearls are the only gems that are created by a living creature. Perhaps the most incredible fact about pearls is that they are only contained in about 1 in every 10,000 oysters. Hence, natural pearls are extremely rare!

Why Jewelry Pearls Represent Class and Grace

Pearls can drastically change the look of an outfit and give off different signals depending on what you're going for. However, the most common representations people equate to pearls is class and grace. Though all types of women wear these precious gems, pearls have been regarded as prized possessions since ancient times by royalty and celebrities. Some examples of famous pearl aficionados are Nancy Pelosi, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Ivanka Trump, Michelle Obama, and Queen Elizabeth II. When added to a dressy outfit, nothing says class and grace like a beautiful pearl necklace. Pearls have a simple, yet elegant look that can tie together basically any outfit.

Pearl Meaning

A mollusk creates a pearl inside their shells when irritants get in. Once the irritant gets in the shell, mother-of-pearl layers begin to form around it, forming the grayish or white round like substance that is eventually a pearl. Perhaps it is beauty arising from friction that attributes to the meaning of pearl the most.

Pearls are regarded as the most powerful of all June birthstones. It is believed that pearls can stimulate moods, enlighten minds, and assist the wearer with discovering self-love. It's also common for a person or thing of great worth and rarity to be referred to as a pearl.

The ultimate birthstone chart guide that unlocks the deeper meaning of each birthstone color, highlighting the personality traits behind each gemstone from the January birthstone all the way through the December birthstone.


Pearl Metaphysical Properties

Pearls are a water and moon ruled gem that enhance loyalty, sincerity, and truth. They bring a calming and centering reflection that helps attune the person wearing them to the natural ebbs and flow of life. It is believed that wearing pearls can not only give purity, but also promote integrity, faith, and charity. Pearls are a great gemstone for water signs of the zodiac as their lunar and water elements can help balance emotion.

It's said that since pearls are created to counteract irritation, they can give a nurturing sense of peace. If pearls are used properly, they can lessen stress and other disorders such as exhaustion, hypertension, and headaches.

Give the Gift of Hollywood Glam with Jewelry Pearls

As we mentioned, pearls are a favorite of royalty and celebrities. So, when looking for a perfect gift of Hollywood glam, pearls are an ideal option. When you gift these gems, the person wearing them will feel like they belong in Hollywood among the rest of the famous women who embrace their beauty.

Type of Pearl

Freshwater which is manmade or farm in lakes or reservoirs. Saltwater which is grown in bays, inlets and atolls.

Alexandrite the Great

Gem aficionados often refer to alexandrite as an "emerald by day, ruby by night," as it is an extremely rare color-changing mineral. It was discovered in the 1830s inside the Ural Mountains in Russia. This gemstone got its name from Czar Alexander II, and is still found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and East Africa today. Alexandrite is not only rare but hugely valuable as well.

Alexandrite Meaning

The final of the three June birthstones, Alexandrite, is a blue/green colored stone in fluorescent light or daylight and turns to a reddish/purple shade in incandescent or candlelight. It's thought that this stone can restore the owner's energy levels and help garner self-respect and appreciation from others. It's also said the Alexandrite can help balance emotional states, enhance confidence, and bring about necessary changes to one's life.

Alexandrite Metaphysical Properties

As discussed, alexandrite is said to balance emotional states, increase self-esteem, provide confidence, and bring change. It can also help bring success and happiness to the owner, as well as intense feelings of sensuality and love.

This rare gem's regenerative powers have been highly regarded since ancient times. Alexandrite can enhance the rebirth of both the outer and inner self, thus providing an incentive to speed up the changes in the owner's life by producing qualities of creativity, expansiveness, and even awareness within the realm of manifestations.

Choosing Between Moonstone, Pearl, or Alexandrite

Choosing between moonstone, pearl, and alexandrite can be difficult. These three gemstones are unique and beautiful in their own ways. So, the choice is going to come down to personal preference and budget. In terms of budget, moonstone and pearls are much more affordable than alexandrite.

However, when it comes to personal preference, everyone's taste is different. For instance, one person may prefer an opaque moonstone while another prefers black Tahitian pearls. Moonstone and alexandrite are available in a variety of colors and clarity. The deeper the colors and clearer the stone, the higher the price. Pearls are available in just about any color, so they are very versatile, though white is the most common.

Regardless of the choice, you can't go wrong with any of June's birthstones. And with Nina's moonstone reversible huggies, you can get two earrings in one!

Ethically Sourced Jewelry by Nina Nguyen

Whenever buying jewelry, there is one last thing you should always consider: are the materials ethically sourced? The beauty of jewelry should not be sullied by unethical sourcing of the gems and metals used to create it. Many jewelers, like Nina Nguyen, take pride in creating beautiful jewelry with equally beautiful history behind it.

Please be sure to always take your jewelry shopping one step further by researching which options are ethically sourced.

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