Gold Earrings

Gold Earrings

5 Must-Have Gold Earrings Based on Personal Style

Nothing pulls an outfit together like a pair of earrings. The simplest of outfits can be elevated with the movement and peek-a-boo glimmer of earrings. Like all jewelry, earrings come in a range of styles to complement your fashion taste, depending on the type of metal, gems, and overall design. And there is one type of precious metal every jewelry box should have: gold!  

Gold Earrings Based on Your Personal Style

From studs to hoops and classic to Bohemian, there is a gold earring for every type of style. An article by Who What Wear offers 9 steps to defining your personal style, and tying in accessories is key. So, let’s take a look at different types of personal styles and tie in some gold earring designs.

The Classic

When you think of classic clothing, you probably think of clean silhouettes, tailored cuts, and minimal details. The same should be true when imagining classic jewelry, and nothing fits that profile better than gold stud earrings. The classic designs of gold stud earrings allow the precious metal to speak for itself, like a whisper that floats across an amphitheater.

The Minimalist

The simple design of gold hoops add dimension to any look. In most cases, the bigger the hoop the bigger the statement. But even small gold hoop earrings stand out, especially with the addition of artfully designed details like gems or dangles. With their playful nature, gold hoop earrings add personality to a minimalist wardrobe without a fussy design.

The Bohemian

Bohemian style earrings should not be limited to feathery and dreamcatcher-like designs. The Bohemian aesthetic is all about texture, color, and natural ease, which can be achieved even with gold stud earrings. Better yet, Bohemian babes can pair the expected drop earrings with unexpected colorful studs, like these opal doublet gold earrings that look like they’re hugging the earth itself.

The Artsy Chic

Gold drop earrings are perfect for the artsy at heart. From simple to ornate designs, gold drop earrings utilize shape, dimension, and movement to satisfy the creative eye of chic fashionistas. Best of all, one great pair can dress up any outfit.


The Confused

If you go back and forth between styles, there is a new earring design that is perfect for you. Here at Nina Nguyen Designs, we have come up with a versatile earring design that is reversible. That’s right: reversible. The Reversible Huggies can be turned around to reveal a different color, and can even be purchased in singles so you can mix and match to fit your unpredictable style.

Gold Earrings for Every Style

Every piece in the Nina Nguyen Designs collection is created to be stacked, layered and converted into a range of looks. The versatility andcomparability of Nina’s jewelry makes it a collection worth having.

After all, shouldn’t you be able to mix and match your jewelry like you do your clothing? Check out our patent-pending interchangeable earrings.


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