Bright Light

B. Carter


There is something about the dimness of winter that makes my heart yearn for the sun. On the days when the bitter wind chills every breath I take and my fingers ache from the cold, inside, my heart has a quiet fire burning to keep warm.

To get away from the callous gray days, I wander to greener grounds, where warmth and light bring new and continuing life to seedlings and herbals alike. Here, amongst the growing life, I shed all signs of winter by removing my hat and coat and scarf and gloves and letting my body feel the timid heat as it quickly engulfs me and sends a sense of comfort to my head.

Amongst the cacti and the orchids, everything is quiet, the bustle from everyday life seems to have ceased for a moment and all that I can hear if the soft hum of a fan as it pushes warm air into this cozy greenhouse. As I make my way from room to room, I feel the precious sunlight playing delicately across my back and on the top of my head. I close my eyes and gaze my face towards the roof, clear, inviting all light to come in and touch every growing thing that so craves it.

As I continue to wander, and smell, and touch all of the flowers whose captivating colors tell stories, I find my mind wandering to that time with you. Do you remember, that day back in the summer, when the sun was so strong and it beat down on us but I insisted we go to find the sunflower fields? Those stunning creatures that stood as tall as me and were prone to follow the sun wherever it landed in the sky. Do you remember that day? Because I remember that day clearer than any day because that was the day I realized just how much I needed you and just how much I needed the light. The thing was, you didn’t need the light as much as I did, and I needed it for my soul to survive. Without the light, how was I ever to grow?

So here I roam in fields of flowers and bushes and small trees anxiously awaiting spring, reminiscing on memories of a time that was once something. But today, in this moment, I push the cold of winter and the buzz of life and the thought of you from my mind and body. For my dear I am like these floras more than you know, for I too prefer bright light.

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