Nina in the New Year

January 16, 2013


2013 is well under way and after a year that was focused entirely on Nina Nguyen Designs I’m committed to beginning this year by taking a little more time for myself and my family.  So many of us get caught up in work and have trouble turning off our phones and iPads and just living in the moment!  I’ve vowed to put an end to all the sixteen hour days and the digital addiction to appreciate life. I truly believe a healthy balance between work and life is necessary and that time spent on your personal life will only make you that much more effective in your professional life… but figuring that out has taken me years!


For 2013 my top three New Year’s Resolutions are:

Fitness – I’m obsessed with Hot Yoga. I was doing great but slowed down by a mini injury – thank goodness my husband is a physical therapist! I hope to be back in class, sweating and stretching by the end of the month.

Find time to read – I’m always working and never make time to read… kind of embarrassing.  In 2013 I’ve set an attainable goal – 3 books! I want to read 3 great books that will help me relax, teach me something and make me laugh… or all of the above!

See Florence and the Machine – This one is a no brainer!!  I love the way Florence unleashes in her music and on stage. I also admire her ethereal sense of style and bold fashion choices. Seeing her live would be an experience!

Here’s to an amazing, relaxed, evolutionary 2013!

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