Britt’s Pick: Nina Nguyen’s Nebula’s Eye

August 29, 2012 1 min read

Welcome to Britt’s Pick, a weekly feature on my blog, On Your Market. Each Tuesday, I’ll select an eye-catching piece from JCK Marketplace and tell you a bit about it. Of course, with jewels this beautiful, the pictures do most of the talking.

Nina Nguyen Nebula Eye pendant

Nina Nguyen’s lively Nebula’s Eye necklace is just the thing we need to take us through the dog days of summer into fall. The deep purple of the stalactite centerpiece is an eye-catcher, along with its natural gradient pattern and designer-added golden border that hugs the stone in all the right places. And the detail doesn’t end there—the rock hangs from a 32-inch gold-dipped chain, decorated with beaded accents. The out-of-this-world detail—along with a reasonable price tag—makes this necklace an obvious choice for jewelry lovers and fashionistas all year long.

-Britt Siminitz
JCK Marketplace Manager 

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