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Behind the Lens: Nicole Marcelli

We are so proud to be working with one of  Denver’s best freelance fashion photographers, Nicole Marcelli. Nicole specializes in capturing the essence of fashion design in her storytelling photographs.

Nicole’s imagery represents Nina Nguyen Design’s jewelry perfectly by exposing the beauty of the model, the natural scenery with spectacular Colorado sunlight and of course the jewelry in a relaxed and free-spirited shoot. We are thrilled to have partnered with Nicole to produce this artwork.

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A Paris Love Story

I couldn’t have been more pleased to receive a wedding invitation from our family in Europe for a wedding in Viarmes, France. This was my first trip to France and to Europe. I travel to the Far East frequently, but Europe hadn't been on my radar until the invite! As you can well imagine I was excited to be in the fashion capital of the world. We began our trip in the town of Viarmes for the wedding. Our French cousin Jennifer, married an Italian groom making the wedding a true international affair. The wedding ceremony was held at a beautiful church built in the 13th Century, tucked away in a narrow cobblestone street in a small village outside of Paris where it has played host to ceremonies for over 700 years. After the wedding we headed straight to Paris to spend the next week in the city of lights. Paris, where the French have certainly earned their badge of style, taste and grace. We stayed at the Terraas Hotel in Montmartre and were blessed with crisp fresh air and sunny fall weather. It is the kind of weather that gets me out of my room and off on epic walks from dawn till dusk. Every evening I wanted to covet my favorite scarves and get dressed up for dinner dates with my husband, something we don't get to do very often. This trip is especially personal with it being our 5th anniversary, a reunion of our family from Canada, U.S, Germany and France, a French/Italian wedding, a French cousin’s 30th birthday and one of our favorite store owners spending an evening in Paris to visit us on their own grand European tour. I loved my time here in Paris with all the glorious food, fashion and sights.

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Boulder Opals

Boulder Opals

Forming naturally within the rock crevice of ironstone, Boulder Opal has a natural and vibrant hued earthy aesthetic. You can identify a Boulder Opal by the bright and varied colors and pattern and the distinctive layer of solid brown ironstone on the underside. This dark ironstone backing is key to the Boulder Opal’s unique deep and vibrant colors. 

Signature Gold Cuff
Signature Gold Cuff featuring a brilliant Boulder Opal


A Boulder Opal is a true statement piece, forming in the inner part of a boulder and is found within in Queensland, Western Australia. Due to the dryness of the region these stones seldom crack or erode and the stone polishes effortlessly.  

Beautiful and durable, Boulder Opal falls slightly higher than average on the Mohs Scale, just below quartz, meaning it is also  highly durable. It can be scratched by metal, but is resistant to damage from anything softer, so you can feel comfortable wearing it every day.

Pinnacle gold Necklace with a Boulder Opal Pendant.

Nature provides the medium that is used in this feature stone of Nina Nguyen’s new Ha Long Bay Collection, but with the beautiful inspiration, and artisanship of Nina. Not only will you own a timeless handcrafted piece cultivated by Nina, honoring her philosophy of using organic materials with integrity, awareness, beauty and love, but will truly be taking part in something special while adding to your wardrobe and jewelry collection.


Photo by Fawntail Photography

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Ha Long Bay